Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pictures at long last

Okay, I know it maybe has been a while since I posted anything. Maybe a little longer than that. Anyway, I have a digital camera at long last!! Woohoo. So this means that I can now blog with pictures. And let me just say, I have been pestered to do this so I am feeling presure.

Lets get on with it!

This last weekend was Stitches West, so of course I was there. If you've never been (and right now the only people who will be reading this were there. With me. ) you really need to go, you can't even imagine it. I spent some time in the booth of some of the women from knitting group, they got together so that they could share their talents with everone else! It was fun to help them out so they could get a break, even if I had no real answers to any questions.

This is the group photo of my yarn, its dark because I don't know what setting my friend put on my camera and I can't find what that is. So far I have read maybe 3 pages of the instructions and nothing on those pages told me what she did. So just imagine it is not really night time all the time, even though its so dark.

So what is in there? Let me tell you!

There is some Koigu (green and tan colors in the front) for some Anemoi mittens, the blue Louet and black Shelridge farms is for Endpaper mitts, orangy-red Half pint Farm sock yarn for SOCKS (scary, I hate socks), bluey-green Socks that Rock for socks (I lost my mind), and some oh so delicious Brooks Farm for a Clapotis. And some Tess for baby socks. I got off cheap!

This is for the Clapotis, from Brooks Farm.

In addition to buying a lot of yarn I had a birthday last week as well. It could have been a big one, I say its right around 21.

A friend found these cute coasters on Cafe press, very appropriate!

And, though hard to see, my sister sent me a box of things, maybe 21, that reminded her of these first years of my life. They made me laugh! Its blurry, I don't have a hang of the camera yet. Whatever.

Okay, my computer needs more memory and I can't sit and wait any more while it thinks.


Linda said...

I am stunned. I don't even know what to say. Besides, HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! She blogged! She really did blog!!!! And I can count TWENTY ONE THINGS!!!!

Kristi said...

who even knew you had a blog? I guess Linda, eh?

Abigail said...

I didn't know either!

Hi Jill. :)

Cookie said...

Dude, you blog!!!!!!!

Holy crizzap!

hannah marie said...
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hannah marie said...

JILL! holy MOFO.. you have a blog?