Sunday, March 18, 2007


Two important things happened yesterday- I nearly finished the Anemoi mittens that I have been knitting for what feels like the better part of my life. I am so happy and they look pretty good. Not in this photo maybe but I am tired enough from my day to really care. but you get the idea. The other great thing was that I dug out a bottle of wine I totally forgot I had and it was divine.I mean stop-what-I-was-doing-to-contemplate-the-amazing-wine good. It was one of the wineries we went to last year for the vintners festival, McHenry, and I remember liking their wines but this was better than what I remember. Of course I had been to other wineries by that point so maybe some of the finer points were lost on me then. But not last night, even though it was not the first bottle consumed, it was the best.

Today was Alcatraz. What a beautiful day it was for that trip too, no fog and sunny and warm enough. My nose is pink,even though I had on sunscreen. It was just one of those days that reminds me why I live out here, even if I avoid the touristy things like the plague. I have been to Alcatraz before, but its been a while so it was good to go again. They've changed the tour a bit but its still a great one, and the people who went made it even more fun. We walked around Fishermans Wharf (yerg do I hate it down there, too many people, but you have to go when someone visits), ate cioppino and then had coffee and a sundae at Ghirardelli. Linda and I stopped at Ikea on the way home, because its fun and we both needed candles. And I needed teeny light bulbs for my bookshelf lamps since I use them all the time. They've started charging for bags there, for the bags you need to take home your stuff I mean. I don't really mind, but I wish the bags were better, I paid my 5 cents and my bag had holes in it by the time we got to the parking lot! I know in Europe they don't just give out bags like they do here, but they are a bit more sturdy since you are paying. I got my stuff home okay though so I guess it all works out.

Cell block in Alcatraz, I think this was called Michigan avenue. Its a bit disconcerting to look at the tiny amount space in these cells and think that people live out their lives in there. I have a very small apartment and I sometimes wonder that I don't have enough space, but this makes me rethink any issues I have. What a horrible place to be imprisoned, you can see out the windows, the beautiful, sparkly bay, the amazing city that is San Francisco and yet to not be able to go there would be the worst part. I think this prison, maybe more than any other, would really mess with your mind since the out side world is right there and so amazing. In Colorado they have a lot of prisons, and some really nasty ones, but they put them in these god forsaken places that don't make you want to be outside anyway. But not Alcatraz, I think every day you would see what you long for and could never reach and that would break almost anyones spirit. Really awful.

There were tons of sail boats, and at one point a race.

Blurry but you can still see how pretty it was out. And if you look at the bottom of the picture you can see the tequila trees!

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JillyB said...

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hannahbee said...

jilly - i love your photos.

Cindy said...

I love the mittens! They are gorgeous. I would really like to make a pair of those some day (maybe next year... the que is getting long!)

Alcatraz looks cool. I can't believe I have lived here most of my life and never been there... Someday I need to take my kids and play tourist. :)