Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I talk to people all day with my job. For the most part I like it, most people are nice and I like being able to help them. But interacting with people will always mean talking to the not so bright. Or the very distracted. And things come out of their mouths that I am sure at some point they regret. Not that the say angry things, but they say things that don't make a lot of sense or the answer is obvious. Linda thinks I should write down these things as they are funny, so I will. I may have a little section on the side of the blog for the silly thing of the day, or week; or month, when ever they occur. But I thought I'd mention it and also, sorry if you see yourself here. Its amusing to me sometimes how people think and if you do see yourself, hey you are famous!!

So I'll just say two of my favorites from the top of my head and then add the bar on the side.

At my old job I was spelling something on the phone, and the phone is not clear for a lot of letters of the alphabet. I know this since people call me Jim or Joan all the time. or Michelle. Or Joe. Not Jill though, or not until I've said it a hundred times, which is a lot so usually I'll agree to whatever they are calling me. Anyway, I was spelling something and I said ( you have to be really specific in support or people will not do the obvious, like click on a button, I just say this as a warning to the rest of this quote.) " Hit N, like November, on your keyboard." So I wait for him, total silence on his side. I ask him, did you do it? He says, " I don't have November on my keyboard."

Ha! Funny, right? That one kills me.

My current job is very similar to the last, but nicer clients on the phone. I do get some odd questions still though. I often have people ask me what open means in their stats. Now, I have not said where I work or what we do or anything, but I would think that any one could figure out what Open would mean for anything. It means open, as its defined by the dictionary. This is a tough one for me as there really is no way to explain that with out sounding like a total bitch. And I get asked that a lot.

This is one that still astounds me, and Linda too. We may get shirts. I was explaining something to a client, how to do something in their account and she got mad and asked how she was supposed to know that. So I showed her where the info was in her account, and even right at the spot she was looking at. She says to me, " Not everyone learns by reading."

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Oh, it brings a tear of joy to my eye every time. Because really, yes they do. Except the illiterate and they wouldn't be on a website, that is way too much reading.

Gratuitous knitting picture, its a knitting blog after all.


Linda said...

I love the November one!!!! He he he he he... You need to compile them into a list! And the mittens are GORGEOUS!!!!

hannahbee said...

jilly!! i dont have november on my keyboard? LOL! holy MOFO.. i think i peed myself. gotta go change. oh those mittens.. your sister has big ass hands. they're so PRETTY ... god, now i have to post pics in my blog. oh the eye candy.