Wednesday, March 14, 2007


We got a president near my work! I was excited to see one appear last week at the corner of 2nd and Brannon. Some very artistic person has put up these pictures of dead presidents (well the ones I've seen are dead anyway) in different parts of the city. There is probably some deep meaning that I am missing but until that is made clear to me I will still enjoy them. They look cool and can be in some odd spots so I like to look for them. There is a JFK on a piling under the highway, I see it everyday pulling into the train station. There is George Washington on the wall over the post office further down Brannon and Lincoln is part of the construction for the Bay Bridge on 4th. And now we have Reagan, I think. The part of town I work in is not the slums, just my picture makes it look that way. Nice. I work in what they are now calling South Beach, though I have yet to see a beach so someone is dreaming. But I guess SOMA got too much of a reputation so they are trying to change that or something.

I have been asked about my one word titles. They are hard people!! One word is sooo much easier to think of then a bunch of clever ones strung together. And, I can just pluralize them to have fresh new ones. Yay!

I am knitting tonight and maybe finally watching Dr. Strangelove as I've had it way too long. And by the way, I did not drunk knit in the car going to the wineries. With the singing and all that would be way too much multitasking for my alcohol addled brain!


Linda said...

I love the presidents! (Well, not literally of course) Drunk-knitting is just a bad idea, it just involves ripping it all out the next day! Not that I have any experience in that department, it's what I've HEARD.

hannahbee said...

linda hears a lot. :)

hannahbee said...

jilly! your workisms are killing me. i HEART them so much. thank you for posting them for my entertainment.