Tuesday, March 13, 2007


We went wine tasting on Saturday with the Ohio visitor Gary. It was a stunning day, just beautiful. Tina the blogless was our DD ( she is so great!) and we sang and sang in the car. The visitor Gary enjoyed the wine ( he is just learning, which is so much fun. Lots of wines to try and learn about!) but maybe not so much the singing. There is nothing like a couple of drunk women and songs from musicals! Oh yeah. There are lots of pics here so shut down all the other browsers if you need to see 'em.

So the first place we went was Cooper-Garrod, Linda had to touch the horses, I went the other way. I am not huge fan of horses. I bought two bottles, a chardonnay and a viogner (which we had later at dinner and it was GOOD!) I tend to buy whites at the wineries because I am soooo picky that I have to taste first. I can drink most red wine from the store just fine ( well not merlot, I am not a fan.), though of course I got some that too! Then we went to Savanah Chanelle, which I don't usually love but I find something. This time it was a nice zin, I really liked it, the visitor Gary did too, he bought some. Linda didn't like it which is sad since she'll be drinking it anyway.

Then David Bruce, one of my favorites. Yummy pinots and my favorite Petite Sirah. I don't care that its too big to eat with vegetarian food, I like it enough that it can drown out whatever I eat. I am such a good photographer, huh.

This is Byington. How cool is that picture! I like it. Its a nice nice winery and the wines are getting better each time we go. This time I got something I can't remember but basically a pinot rose. yum!!

We made it to Bonny Doon at like 5 till 5. Lucky we had the Ohio visitor Gary with us so he could sweet talk the girl to give us some tastes. Linda tried but failed, which may be something she should be happy about. They have a zillion and one wines so there is always something good there.

Then we were done drinking, hard to imagine I know. You can see why we were singing in the car, we went to 5 wineries! Then off to Capitola for dinner and I took some very pretty pictures.

Yesterday was book group and I did finish it on time, whew! Good group too, we had quite a discussion!


The Visitor said...

Hey Jill I have a name you know! I'm gonna start calling you "The Tour Guide"

P.S. I'm stealing your picture of Boony Doon as I was a little too inebriated/hurried to take one

Linda said...

Those pictures are JUST ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! You are an AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER. But you knew that already.

No really, the pics are so cool, the SINGING on the other hand - it was FABULOUS! They shouldn't have turned down the music, but hey, they wanted to hear us better! Uh huh.

Let's do it again. And not wait for out-of-towners to give us an excuse! (Hello, Vintner's festival coming up!!)

JillyB said...

Its a public blog GARY, I didn't know if you wanted your name out there or not so I was being polite. But no longer, I will now call you Gary, a lot.

The Visitor said...

Alright thanks Tour Guide

Cookie said...

Oooh, pretty! But wait, did you knit in the car?!

Cindy said...

That sounds like a fun day. Hannah, Jeni and I have been talking about taking a wine tasting tour. I LOVE Bonny Doon's wine. We just scored a good deal from their online store not too long ago, a case of raspberry port (bouteille call) for about $4 a bottle. Good after dinner swill ;)

Margit said...

I want to go! Sounds like a great time!

hannahbee said...

gary!! NICE! where are the photos of gary?