Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Well it appears that I have not posted for a bit! yeesh what have I been doing. Work, yes, lots of new things were added to our system and that has made work INSANE and me tired when I get home. Ah well, these things happen. It was a good thing to add and worth all the effort.

So Monday was Lindas birthday, a group of us went out to dinner to celebrate and we all had a great time, yummy food, wine and fabulous friends. We went to Left Bank in Santana Row, birthday girls pick, I took a few pictures. There was maybe a bottle of wine involved so there are MANY blurry pictures of empty plates, I will not make you look at those. But empty plates are good things I think. They have a spring-y menu right now, lots of asparagus , one of my favorite things.

We of course had dessert ( and liquid dessert, kudos to our waitress for getting that too!) and coffee, how yummy are these? Linda had the Tuiles aux Amandes, yum!

Wonder about my Clapotis? Thinking, hmmm, will she ever get around to mentioning knitting? sigh. It is not working as I had hoped. I have started again, with the other ball to see if things are as weird on that or not. So far just the stripey problems like other one, but not that huge wine stain all over. Well, it looks like a wine stain to me, but maybe that indicates what I do in my spare time too much. If it starts to do the same as the other I'll be okay with it, at least it will be consistant I guess. Or, worse comes to worse, I can gift it and start again! Maybe I'll add some pictures tomorrow of the progress. There was something else I was going to mention only I don't remember it.....

Happy Birthday! There may have been wine involved in making this blurry.

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