Sunday, April 22, 2007

Holy Cow!

Its hard to believe, but yes I am actually blogging! AND whats more, I have some knitterly progress to report! Shocking I know.

First up, The Clap has been temporarily interrupted by a baby cardigan for my manager at work. She is due next month so I really need to get it done. Not like I haven't had a loonngg time to do it or anything. ha! Actually, this yarn was going to be socks, if you recall from the pictures of my Stitches haul. But then Linda made this cardi for Tina (Linda needed a project and she was over at Tina's so that's what she was given) and its so cute! And they both convinced me to do the cardigan instead of socks. It is cute, but I have decided I have issues with variegated yarn. Especially if its different colors instead of all one color in varying shades. I don't know whats wrong with me but it just doesn't work for me. I mean, I can't even tell if this cute or not, the colors just distract me so much. I've been told its cute though. The pattern is easy and very cute so I think it will turn out okay. There is some oddness with the colors on the back. Its like hot and cold, one side is blue and one is pink, strange.

I had to work all day yesterday so in addition to working I did a bit of spring cleaning AND I pulled out my sewing machine. It's been awhile. I made some more project bags as I have like 2 and for some reason they are always holding something. I used to knit through a project before I started another one but not anymore! I don't know what happened, I get too excited about the next one I think that I stop the current one for a bit. Sad. Anyway, I have tons of scrap fabric so I made three (though the picture only shows two) cute bags, that should keep me going for a bit. I used the pattern from the Amy Butler book In Stitches, I just made them a little smaller than the pattern called for. Very inspiring book if you haven't seen it and the directions are super clear, you have to love that!

This is my sewing machine. You'll notice that it doesn't look a lot like probably anything anyone has these days. It was my mom's, she used it for years and years until my sister and I bought her a newer, fancier one. I inherited this one at that point and I have been using it since. If you look, you'll see that there is no screen telling you what stitches you are using, or an option to embroider. It pre-dates anything relating to technology. If I want to use a different stitch I have to drop a disc into the door on top. It's over 40 years old and still going along okay, though there is an issue with the tension so my bobbin thread gets bunched up. Its made me think of maybe replacing it, though I tend to keep things forever so that thought just wanders in and out of my mind. I have to practically be forced to replace something, I am not a person who needs the latest and greatest, I just need longevity and loyalty from my things. Which kind of explains the 40 year old sewing machine. Plus, it has a lot of sentiment attached to it. My dad bought it for my mom long before they had kids and my mom made all our lovely (that is not even close to what they were!) clothes when we were kids. Hooo, there are some scary pics of my sister and I in matching dresses (or worse) that were made by mom. The 70's just weren't pretty. Anyway, both of my parents have died now so I kind of like knowing that I still use something that they had before I came along. Its a nice thought, and it helps every time I drag out that 50 ton machine and haul it to my table to start working on a new project. So maybe I can struggle a bit longer with my bobbin problem since the rest of the machine is working fine.

Speaking of my keeping things a long time, this is my new iron! I know this is damn boring, but I've needed a new iron for oh, maybe 5 years. My old one was quite old, maybe around 15 years old and it had fallen off my ironing board one too many times (cats, their curiosity was never satiated! ) so it only had one temperature setting, hot. And sometimes it would randomly spit out all the water in the reservoir. FUN! So for like 5 years I kept thinking hmmm, maybe I should get a new iron. Then I'd think, naw, it still heats up. I finally decided that since I actually use it for crafts a lot as well ironing my clothes, I needed a decent iron . With actual heat settings! Crazy! I got this from Jo-ann's online, they were on sale for awhile so I broke down and got one. It's pretty fancy compared to what I was used to. Its very steam oriented, I love it!

Ooo, one more knitting update. Until it was so rudely interrupted, I had worked on the second ball of the clap to see if it bothered me as much as the first. It is blotchy like the first one, maybe smaller blotches though. I feel better about it now, at least it will be consistently blotchy and that's all that matters!


Cindy said...

Nice to hear from you Jill!
The cardigan is going to be cute.
I think I have a sewing machine almost exactly like that, is it a Singer? Those old machines are great, they are tanks that will last forever. Don't get a new one, they are all plastic and chips!
The Clap is going to be just fine, remember that there are going to be those empty-dropped stitches spaces to break up the color anyway. I think it is looking great!!!!!

Linda said...

What about memory for your mac? HUH HUH HUH???

THe cardi is uber-cute. I stand by it. The hot and cold colors are NICE.

Margit said...

The baby sweater looks cute! And I can't wait to see more of the clapotis!

hannahbee said...

jilly! it's been FOREVER and 2 weeks. i havent been on blogger in a gazillion years. cardigan is CUTEness! so lovely.
your bags = can you make me one? i have fabric up the yin yang - or i can come over and you can help me. :)