Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Every other Wednesday I get a box of veggies delivered to my house from Farm Fresh to you. I know that this does not sound all that exciting, but it really kind of is. I have no idea what will be in it other than two kinds of fruit and usually 4 types of veg. That's it! I have no idea, I can only guess in general based on what should be ripe now but even that is not always a good measure. So its a bit like Christmas for me and I look forward to Wednesdays. Or at least some of them. This is what I got today. First is my box.. ooooo whats in it? Like my faux grass? A swatch of my Mom's carpet that my brother in law sent me. His sense of humor is something else. But its kind of fun having that hideous carpet, why do the ugly things last forever? That carpet is over 30 years old and yet look, fresh as a daisy!

Just glancing in maybe strawberries in the bag but hard to tell and maybe lettuce and then some stuff I've never seen before. That is one cool thing, there is often some veg that I haven't had or one I don't eat often, its great! I really like most veggies ( read later on for more on that) but I do tend to eat some more than others. I've really enjoyed the chard that has been in a couple of boxes and I never buy that! Every now and then there is something I don't like, there are three big ones - mushrooms, peas and bell peppers. I know, the things everyone else on the planet eats, I hate. Give me a plate of beets and Brussels sprouts I will be happy as a clam, but mushrooms? ewww.

Sort of clockwise from top are Strawberries, Rapini (the unknown), Cilantro, lettuce, Snap Peas and in the middle three mango's. Well, there are only two now, I ate one. And it was outstanding! Their fruit is amazing, I am always delighted with it, though in March I was getting tired of apples, but its winter then and the citrus had a hard year so what else really was there? The strawberries are really good too, I tested them out just to be on the safe side.

Remember what I said were my three least favorite veggies? Yup, there are peas in this picture! Linda and Tina are both out of town (I usually foist my mushrooms on one of them) so if anyone wants the snap peas they can have them. Clearly that pretty much means knitting group people. Or I could bring them for the retreat, maybe someone will eat them there.

Okay, I read the recipes and Rapini is also know as Broccoli Rabe, that I have heard of. What kind of veggie has an alias? That seems not right, but I will eat it none the less. Or maybe especially.

I hope mango is good for horrendous coughs, I am sounding like someones grandpa these days. The guy who sits next to me at work keeps saying bless you every time I cough in hopes that I STOP. I interviewed someone today and he said his friends all had a bad chest cough too, I guess its making the rounds. At least it will stop soon I hope. Seriously, I sound like an old man getting up in the morning. Not pretty! Who ever is sharing room at the retreat should be excited by that notion! ha!


Kristi said...

You know what's funny? When I was reading, and you said there were sugar snap peas, I was super jealous. Because you know what? That is my favorite veggie. Bring them to the retreat! Excellent plan!

Cindy said...

I second Kristi's suggestion! I love to munch on them.

also, you have to try steamed chard with Balsamic vinegar. Delicious. Even my kids love it!

Linda said...

you are HALF A LIMEY, it's in your BLOOD to like peas!!! Sigh. I suppose you get to decide, but they are like the BEST. AND MUSHROOMS. But I'm not going to make you like them, because then you won't give me your veggie box ones!!! I love the carpet, love love love. Can't even believe it's 30 years old!?!! Arlo likes it too, I think he thinks he's in the grass...

Linda said...

ok wtf.


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