Monday, June 18, 2007

Back now

Yup, I am blogging, I am sure the handful of people who read this are shocked and amazed! Work has been a bit crazy and since I sit in front of a computer for 8 hours (or more) I get home and the last thing I want to do is use my computer. Or even read blogs. I find myself catching up on all the great things everyone is doing on Saturdays, then I'm tired of sitting in front of the computer! Vicious cycle I know. I have lots of crafty things I've finished so I'll blog those soon, I don't have a busy week this week so it shouldn't be a problem. Plus knitting retreat AND wine!

I am reading a great book right now, The Element of Lavishness: Letters of Sylvia Townsend Warner and William Maxwell 1938-1978 It's much as you would think from the title, letters written by these two over a very long time period. It's lovely really, its starts off slowly but then as they become friends they talk about all kinds of things. And as they both are writers its rich and descriptive language. Delicious! I feel a bit sorry for generations to come, there will be no other books about people corresponding, who writes actual letters any longer? And emails? I don't usually save them myself unless there is something I need for some reason. Really sad if you think about it. One of my favorite movies is "84 Charing Cross Road", a book as well,and just like this one its total strangers writing each other over years and years. Remarkable. I was reading on the train the other day and found a passage that made me think, and for me it points out something missing in our society today.
He was telling her about not liking the president, who had just been elected, so he was angry and disappointed about pretty much everything. "On the way to the station I had to make the car swerve so as not to run over a dead cat lying on the pavement, and thought I ought to go back and then thought of the train, and then, after a mile, turned the car around and did go back. The road to the station is littered with animals-now and then a fox, often a skunk or a woodchuck or a chicken or a squirrel- but seldom with cats. It was still there when I stopped, and I had to wait while four more cars passed over it, before I could move it to the side of the road where the person who was probably at that moment calling it would perhaps find it. Left in the road it would soon become two dimensional and unrecognizable. It was disemboweled, and soft and I think not very long dead. And it felt, in my hands, much calmer and at peace than I did."

When was the last time you saw anyone do (or even did yourself) something like that for a person that you don't even know? He moved an already very dead cat to the side of the road to help give the owner the answer to what happened to their pet. A person he didn't even know. And he was very cranky starting his day, and late for his train. And yet he went back to move the cat. What has happened in the last 50 years that has made us less compassionate for others? I see it every single day, everyone thinks that their needs far out weigh everyone else's; talking on cell phones anywhere, road rage. Sigh.

Not that I want to start picking up dead cats, not something I would love, but still, makes me think, or re-think how I move in the world.

Speaking of lovely things (I said the book was, right?) Look!!

Holy crap! The Clap is done! Its much prettier than I thought, all my angst over the blotchiness and all, its nice! I'm not sure I'd use that yarn again though, it is so blobbly, especially the purple, you can even see it in this picture. But the dropped stitches make it less noticeable. And others have used this yarn successfully for the clapotis, so maybe if I used it again it would work better. maybe.

You may also notice I have a new comforter on my bed, better for pics I think. ha! I needed a non-green one I decided, all my others are green. I thought ivory would be very summery AND as I have no black cats any longer, its suddenly a luxury to be able to have something that color. Pretty!

I swear I will post more pics this week! Promise!


Linda said...

i am really excited you like the book. and you are right about society today. it is a fucked up place, and we need to care about each other more. even people we don't know. it will make us better.

the clap is beootiful, and i am going to NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT ALL YOUR OTHER PICTURES I AM WAITING FOR.

ok, maybe a little.

please please please MORE PICTURES!!! and stockings, and excursions - i KONW there are tons of pics!!!

Cindy said...

The Clap is done! congrats!!!!! It looks great and that color is going to be fantastic on you!

Yeah, I want to see pics too!