Friday, June 22, 2007


I know I have been slow posting so this will be a doosy! Two weekends of wine tasting in the Santa Cruz mountains for Vinters Festival! Did I drink a lot? OH YES! Did I buy some wine? mmm, I think so. Linda had the genius idea to rent a giant ass vehicle- 8 wine drinking knitters (okay only
6 knit) and wine! Brilliant!
We dubbed it the White Wino as we wandered through the mountains.

We started the first weekend at Woodside. Very pretty, nice port, I don't think I've ever bought the wine though. But its nice and a good place to start the day.

After that we headed to Chain Dor, a destination we had for this weekend. They have the best chardonnay, and are so generous, they open their house to total strangers and feed us all just so we can taste their wine! Truly an experience every year. Linda and I split a case there, you can't buy their wine in a store so we stock up. They also allow the tasters to sample the latest bottling of the Cabernet, they set out some of the newly bottled wine in their wine cellar and we all traipsed down there. Very young but sooo good! And look how happy Linda, Cindy and Margit are!

Then off to Cooper-Garrod and Savanah Chanell, very near each other so easy to hit in a short amount of time. Cooper-Garrod was out of their Viogne! Tragic really, I like that wine. But I got a bottle of Cab, they are good at that too. Savanah Chanelle also has nice wine and there is always something I like there. This time they had a special on the Rose, buy 6 bottles at $12 each. Not bad! Linda, Gary and I went in on that deal.

At this point things start to get a bit hazy. There had been lots of wine, plenty of singing in the car (there is a video of that out there. It's nice.) and now we decided to go to one of the spots hosting multiple wineries. Because clearly we need more. The cool thing the vintners fest does is allow smaller wineries with out tasting rooms the chance to pour by having restaurants and such host them. We picked the place with 6 wineries because, well, mostly because they had champagne. And oddly enough, a yarn store across the street. Imagine that! So once we drank some wine (it was the end of the day so not all the wine was available) we went shopping. And low and behold they were serving wine! And we had wine glasses! All very handy AND we bought yarn to boot. We did stop at this point and go out to dinner since we also really needed some food.

Total for the day= 11 bottles (not a case! woohoo!)

Day two:

The next weekend started a lot the same, though we ended up with a different car and it was a bit more cramped. The fun thing was that my friend Liz was out visiting from Denver so I made her go. Yay! It was very fun again, most of the same people went, again, more singing and having a great time on our way to the wineries on the back side of the mountains.

First stop, Bonny Doone. They have fun wine, lots of different ones to select, there is always something that catches my eye. They had an amazing deal on their Bouteille Call wine, a bit like port, so we all bought a case. EACH! They wanted to get rid of it so it was $16 for one bottle or $25 for a case. Who could pass that up? No one as it turns out. But the trouble was that we did not have the white wino this week, so it was tough to get it all in the car. And that was the first stop! Jean and I split a case here (I just remembered that!)

Then the highlight of this weekend, Mchenry. The first weekend was Chan Dor, this one was McHenry. Small vineyard, tiny barn tasting room, amazing Pinot. All they do is Pinot so our tasting was different vintages, such fun to see how it progressed and what was going on that year. And the person pouring? Henry McHenry! If you look off to the left of Lind you can see him there by the barrels of wine. We did not get out of there cheaply, but we all got some great wine. Linda and I split a case here and Jean bought one for me as a trade off for half the bouteille call. If you recall an earlier post I just loved this wine so this is good to have around. At this point we have been to two wineries and the car is stuffed!

Next stop was David Bruce, they have good Pinot and my favorite petite syrah. I showed restrain and didn't get anything , I think we were getting wined out a bit at this point. This is a pic of Linda and Liz squished in the back back seat, they look happy for some reason.

Final stop was Byington, they had some tasting outside this year and then some inside. They have a great rose wine but the one I have is the very last one we tried. And only Linda, Jean and I had it as everyone was done. They had a library tasting of their pinot, holy cow was it good.

Fun day for everyone, lots of wines tasted and purchased. And then off to dinner again, have to have something absorb all that wine!

Total for this day = 13 (I think.) So I ended up with two cases of wine for the two weekends. Pretty good, that should last me for a good chunk of the year!

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Linda said...

YEY!!! She posted!!!! The wining was absolutely DIVINE! Best singers *EVER*. I love reading about it, and reliving it!!! You forgot to mention your sandwiches. Because they were INCREDIBLE. (No, that was not the wine talking, sheesh.) Awesome pics!