Sunday, July 29, 2007

Monkey Joy

Yep they are done! And I am happy! They turned out so well, so cute, I can now understand why people like making socks so much. They were a lot of fun, instant gratification since they are not very big. My first pair of adult socks! Yay!

Now I have time for a new project I started the Anemoi mittens but have a last minute baby sweater to make. I found some pretty superwash yarn from, great color ways there! I am making the Lace Leaf Baby cardi that I made a few months ago, I really like making it. The color I am doing now is Raspberry cheesecake and I think the other color, Asparagus (pretty!) will be a baby sweater as well. I had such a hard time picking the right colors and I can't say they are exactly baby-ish., but they are really really nice. I could even make socks with this sock yarn!

I went for an awesome hike today on windy hill. It acted a lot like winter up there, it was really foggy at the top, so foggy it was like rain , we got soaked! I wish I had my camera with me, it was beautiful and amazing. The bottom of the hill was sunny and warm, it was like night and day. Lovely.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stitch n Pitch

Last night was Stitch-n-Pitch at PacBell park. Through some random and other wise events it was not quite what I had expected, but I had a lot of fun. I maybe dragged my feet a bit on the whole ticket buying thing so Linda and I bought tickets in the same general area, but not actually part of the whole deal. No treat bags but we could still hang out with everyone.

Boy was I off! Due to a remarkable power outage Linda's site was very affected so she had to work late. Really late. So at 5:45 (hour and a half before the start!) I asked some people at work if they wanted to go, and happily it was not hard to find some last minute ticket takers. Its probably good that they weren't the actual S-n-P seats, I still don't think the guys understood the concept AT ALL. Knitting? At the baseball game? One thought maybe we did it a lot AND that it was our boba group knitting, not some nationally organized event.

These are my co-workers, they though I was odd knitting, look at the lap top!

It was fun, Barry did not hit a home run, so the race is still on for the home run record. I did wish that the mitten was I was knitting was done, it was pretty damn cold. And windy, so my pattern was tough to follow. .....

Ahh summer in San Francisco!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Too Many Crafts

So recently I have been having issues with my wrists. I know, its like a trend at Boba-Knit, everyone seems to be having some kind of problem. I think mine has something to do with the amount of embroidery I've done lately, those stocking kits get addictive! I have a new keyboard at work that really really helps and I've been told (by Linda) to not do any embroidery for a month. Sigh. I put it down for a week and they were fine so I did a bit of work and they hurt just as much as before I rested. So now I need to go a bit longer. I did read up on carpal tunnel but one thing they said was it usually hits the predominant wrist first and its not, my left one is hurting more than my right. Knitting is not hurting me however, so I'm nearly done with the Monkeys! Yay! My sister will love them so I am pleased. I have pics, of course!

These are pictures of the first sock but I have been diligent this week and I am actually this far on the second one! These being my first pair I am very excited about how quick I learned the pattern so the second one was lickity split! I think I like making socks and I can see why people enjoy them so much. But I need to find more people to give them to since I hate to wear them.

A close up of the embroidery that is killing my wrists. How cute is that! I have two done now and am sorta working on a third. But its in time out for a whole month.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I am having a quiet day, or at least morning. I ended up staying out till the wee hours of the morning at a house warming party. I didn't stay out drinking, just chatting with some fun people, but hooo I am not good at staying up that late anymore. The biggest problem is that no matter when I go to bed I wake up around 8:30 at the latest, it makes for a rough morning when there are only a couple of hours between those two events. So this morning I've been reading everyones blogs, getting caught up. I was reading Tina's blog this morning, which is rated PG by the way, so I thought I'd see how I rate, much like her there is a lot of swearing in my world, I susupect its due to the knitting. I was rated the same! Whew! I do know that Linda will not come out quite so lucky!

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

dead (4x)
crap (2x)

Hahahahaha! Dead is a bad word?

I also did a personality test, the benevolent part is pretty right on but the director part is only partially true. The confusing part of the whole thing is they say I am 28% masculine and 30% feminine. That's 58%, whats the other 42???? Alien? Dog?

I was reading Cindy's blog and now that whole mystery shawl thing is looking more and more appealing. I had read about it when she first posted but put it out of my mind. I think its too late now, but maybe next time!!

I have officially finished one sock and it is awesome! I love the colors in this sock and I think my sister will really like it.

The rest of the day is cleaning, Costco with Tina ( I know, its insane to go on a saturday) and then Ethiopian food! yummmmmmm

Monday, July 02, 2007


What did I do tonight? I went to Linda's for a delicious dinner (mahi mahi, spinach, potatoes and cucumber radish slaw, yum!) and then Tina met us at my house for some chatting. Dave, Tinas SO, called and told us that the 7-11 RIGHT BY MY HOUSE was turned into a Kwik-E-Mart for the Simpsons movie! Awesome! I read about it this morning, so cool! So did Tina, so we all just ran down there to take pictures, drink Squishees and buy some KrustyO's!!! Fun pictures follow.

GRR!! between my connection and Blogger I can't get any images to upload! Maybe tomorrow. Okay I got some of them to uplod, today my connection is fine though.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


We had a party last night to say good bye to one of our Boba knitters. Kristi is moving to Boulder next week, we will all miss her. But Boulder is a great town and I think she will love it there. Maybe I'm biased since I'm from Colorado and lived near there for 10 years, but I don't think so. We had a pot luck, everyone brought something and tried to make it relate to knitting some how.

Spinnity (Mary) was gracious enough to share her house with all of us, the night before she was leaving for a trip! How great is that?

Everyone was so creative in the food they brought, I have some pictures of it, but I didn't get a picture of Jeni's pizza. She made it in the shape of a vest, a fair isle vest! With olives, basil and sun dried tomatoes for the pattern. So cute! There was a back up vest as well, plain stockinette, but still yummy! Of course there are pictures. Abigail's knitting ball eggs and the cute alpaca bread rolls.

There was a sheep pinata, filled with Kristi's favorite candies and some squishy sheep. Hannah whacked the crap out of it in one swing, scaring small children and pissing off the slightly older ones who had hoped for another whack. She was supposed to distract and get the pinata going so she could run in and change.

Change to what? A sheep stripper of course! Cookie came up with the idea there should be a sheep stripper for this shin dig, so I made a costume and Hannah was forced to wear it. She stuffed the squishy sheep down the costume and ran around and then ripped it open so all the sheep flew out. I laughed too much to take many photos, but I do have the after shots.

We all had dinner and sat around and knitted and feted Kristi and Andy with gifts, including plane tickets so they can come back and see us.

We all had dinner and sat around and knitted and feted Kristi and Andy with gifts, including plane tickets so they can come back and see us.

A very fun party indeed, too bad it was for a going away.