Saturday, July 07, 2007


I am having a quiet day, or at least morning. I ended up staying out till the wee hours of the morning at a house warming party. I didn't stay out drinking, just chatting with some fun people, but hooo I am not good at staying up that late anymore. The biggest problem is that no matter when I go to bed I wake up around 8:30 at the latest, it makes for a rough morning when there are only a couple of hours between those two events. So this morning I've been reading everyones blogs, getting caught up. I was reading Tina's blog this morning, which is rated PG by the way, so I thought I'd see how I rate, much like her there is a lot of swearing in my world, I susupect its due to the knitting. I was rated the same! Whew! I do know that Linda will not come out quite so lucky!

Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

dead (4x)
crap (2x)

Hahahahaha! Dead is a bad word?

I also did a personality test, the benevolent part is pretty right on but the director part is only partially true. The confusing part of the whole thing is they say I am 28% masculine and 30% feminine. That's 58%, whats the other 42???? Alien? Dog?

I was reading Cindy's blog and now that whole mystery shawl thing is looking more and more appealing. I had read about it when she first posted but put it out of my mind. I think its too late now, but maybe next time!!

I have officially finished one sock and it is awesome! I love the colors in this sock and I think my sister will really like it.

The rest of the day is cleaning, Costco with Tina ( I know, its insane to go on a saturday) and then Ethiopian food! yummmmmmm

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Teenuh said...

lol well, at least you got a PG rating and not a G!! :) Rachel tried to see if my PG rating got bumped by saying fuck in my comments, but sadly it doesn't pick that up.

MS3 is fun. It's the first beaded thing I've knit. There are over 6,000 people signed up for this knitalong!!

Oh, and I love the sock. I love my 2 pairs of Monkey socks. I totally need to knit more!