Thursday, July 12, 2007

Too Many Crafts

So recently I have been having issues with my wrists. I know, its like a trend at Boba-Knit, everyone seems to be having some kind of problem. I think mine has something to do with the amount of embroidery I've done lately, those stocking kits get addictive! I have a new keyboard at work that really really helps and I've been told (by Linda) to not do any embroidery for a month. Sigh. I put it down for a week and they were fine so I did a bit of work and they hurt just as much as before I rested. So now I need to go a bit longer. I did read up on carpal tunnel but one thing they said was it usually hits the predominant wrist first and its not, my left one is hurting more than my right. Knitting is not hurting me however, so I'm nearly done with the Monkeys! Yay! My sister will love them so I am pleased. I have pics, of course!

These are pictures of the first sock but I have been diligent this week and I am actually this far on the second one! These being my first pair I am very excited about how quick I learned the pattern so the second one was lickity split! I think I like making socks and I can see why people enjoy them so much. But I need to find more people to give them to since I hate to wear them.

A close up of the embroidery that is killing my wrists. How cute is that! I have two done now and am sorta working on a third. But its in time out for a whole month.


lillamy said...

HEY LOOK it's the santa with the ball sack! Too bad you can't see it in this picture. Typical.

I am also shocked beyond belief you claim to listen to me. Shocked. But I am glad you aren't embroidering..

The monkey socks are beyootiful, your sis is going to love them, does she know btw you're making them, because if she doesn't she shouldn't be reading this blog... And socks are NICE TO WEAR. They're nice n TOASTY. So there.

Teenuh said...

Oh dude the embroidery is gorgeous!! I love it.

I love the monkeys, I am glad you are liking knitting them. I must say though that you are missing out not wearing your own hand knit socks!! :)

Abbra said...

Great work.