Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Being an adult

Here is one thing I love about being an adult and living in California (besides eating banana cream pie for dinner). I came home and in like thirty minutes whipped up this yummy dinner. Salmon and lentils with a mustard vinaigrette and rapini with pine nuts. AND a glass of fantastic Chaine Dor Chardonnay (Local!). And its just a regular Tuesday. Mmmmmmmmmmm!!

knitting pics soon!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Did I just blog?

Holy Crap its been forever. Stuff going on, internet DOWN and sucking so posting was tough. Its somewhat better now so yay! It is free wireless I guess I can't complain if its not working right.

Anyway, I've done some crafting! I completed TWO stockings for my sister, so now I am done with that. YAY! I worked on them all year thinking I'd be done easily by Christmas, I did three because that seems a good number. And what happened? My sister IM's me in November and said the family she picked has four kids. FOUR!!!! CRAP! I had to do some cram embroidery to get that last one done, I can tell you. Lucky I had the kit available so that was good. I think I mentioned before that my sisters work adopts a needy family at Christmas and gives them the gifts on their lists. Plus some extras, like the stockings stuffed. Its for a good cause, so I don't mind the last minute notice, its just a lot to get done in a short time. She claims 6 people (2 parents and 4 kids) are too many to coordinate for the people at work so she says a smaller family next year. Here are the last two that haven't been blogged yet.

This one goes nicely with the two others, kind of related or a series or something.

This one is not quite in the same color family,
but it does have Santa so I guess that works. And there is a two year old,
so I think it will work out okay.I have also FINALLY finished the last baby sweater I will ever make! YAY! okay maybe not EVER but for a long time, I am very very tired of baby sweaters. I am gonna start on the end paper mitts FOR ME!! I also started on a new embroidery project. also for me, woohoo! Did I have pics when I did the upload today? Of course not, so that will be the next blog.

Also, my lovely new shoes will get taken out on Friday for my works holiday party. Yay!