Sunday, August 03, 2008

Call it Heavy Metal Noise

I somehow found myself with a ticket to see The Scorpions and Sammy Hagar tonight. I grew up in a town where I could listen to rock/heavy metal or Country music on the radio, so I went the route of the former. My first concert was Motley Crue, and I've seen many concerts since. But I some how never ever saw the Scorps, even though they were one of my favorite bands in high school. So I went to the concert tonight to see them, fingers crossed they would play The Zoo and Holiday. THEY ROCKED!!! Yes they played The Zoo and other songs that any Scorps fan would know (no Holiday but that was reaching) and I sang at the top of my lungs. I don't care that they are maybe(?) 60, they ROCKED! And I got an awesome rocker chick shirt just to remember that I really did go see them. But the thing that took me by surprise was Sammy Hagar. When I was 16 I LOVED Sammy Hagar and my friends chipped in to by me his Three Lock Box ALBUM (which I still have by the way) and I played it all the time. Things happened along the way and Sammy's rocken' world changed and came under some really bad press. But I am here to say that Sammy has been much maligned by the press because that man is AWESOME! I've been to a few concerts in my time where the band I went to see was fine, but another act blew me away. I saw Depeche Mode at Red Rocks (yes, world renowned venue is also the local place to catch a band in Colorado) and was amazed by Book of Love, saw Tori Amos and discovered the Ditty Bops, and tonight I went to see the Scorpions and fell in love all over again with Sammy Hagar. He sang his own songs, Van Halen songs ( with Michael Anthony no less!!!) and even a Led Zeppelin song. Definitely left me higher than high, feelin' just right.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I went hiking

I went hiking on Saturday, did I have fun? Or maybe I should say, I went hiking Saturday and all I got was this lousy scrape (not a Rockband injury Jeni!). I fell, probably you can see that. Its really not the first time I've done this, I had all the first aid items I needed to clean up and finish the hike, but it is annoying. I've spent the week wincing when I walk because my jeans touch it, people in the city probably don't even notice!

After I fell Linda and I went and had linner ( it was later in the afternoon, not lunch, not dinner) at a Mexican restaurant in Los Altos (Fiesta Vallarta, yum!) and I did some self medicating with margaritas. Nice! After the first one I didn't care that had dirt and blood and some odd mud made of those two things all over my leg.

For all this, the hike actually was good, we saw a couple of grass snakes , a zillion lizards and even some wild turkeys!

I also thought I should maybe have some knitting content, yeesh.

So I finished (in the last month and half or so) yet another Lace Leaf Baby sweater. My co-workers are reproducing like bunnies! I really do need to find a new baby sweater pattern, but this one is cute and at this point well memorized.

Another of my cowekers had asked me to make a sweater for her cat. Yes her CAT! He is a hairless one and she thought he would like it. Cats and sweaters are a bit like cats and water, not good friends. I did not see the event but apparently he walked backward for at least an hour trying to get out of it! She found it really amusing, she took a video with her cell phone but she was laughing so hard it didn't turn out well. If I can get a hold of it I will post it. I made it from some random acrylic I had and used the dog sweater pattern from Knitty. I ended up ribbing the whole thing, the pattern called for just the top. It was really fast, I think I spent two days on the train with it, but its kind of cute.

I am still working on the BBF scarf of Cindy's, nearly done! And I started the Knitwhits hat but that needs some tweaking.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Test socks

I've been test knitting a sock Pattern for the new Fiber Fiend sock, Shake your Fishtail. It was really fun to do, I liked knitting the first sock, although the guy who sits next to me at work did not understand. He said its a sock, how new can that be? Sigh, non-knitters, what do they know? The pattern was quite easy and its a really pretty sock! She will be selling it this weekend at Stitches West. Yay, can't wait! Her booth is 738, if anyone who is reading this doesn't know that yet.

Can't wait for Stitches, I have a list and everything!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I love pudding. Its always been one of my favorite desserts, creamy, cool, chocolaty, well if it is chocolate pudding anyway. I found a new blog, Brownie Points, it was something a co-worker had sent me for the bacon vodka recipe, but I found some inspiration for cooking. I've been slacking a bit lately, some times I need a bit of a push to get back to cooking things I like. She has a post for chocolate pudding that is amazing! I don't think I've ever made pudding from scratch but its really easy! I make a lot of things from scratch, but never pudding. I added 70% Lindt Chocolate for the double chocolate part, mmmmmmmmmm!

I also made a cauliflower salad from Everyday food for dinner,
there were lovely ones in my veggie box this week. Just as tasty as they look, even in my blurry pic.

There is also a recipe for a no knead bread that I am in the process of making, I haven't made bread in years! It looks easy (well duh, you mix it and leave it for 12 hours, its not much work) and the posts on the blog say its really tasty. I can't wait! Jenny and I were talking about baking bread at Boba knit on Thursday, I thought I would probably make some this weekend after our conversation, and then I found this recipe.

I'll have some knitting tomorrow, I've finished my test sock!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tagged twice!

Both Lisa AND Margit tagged me with this meme! I am not sure who to tag next though since I've seen it on a lot of other blogs, or the people I would tag are already tagged!

4 Jobs I've Held:
Concessions in an Ice skating rink (best high school job ever, I met all the hot high school hockey players in town!)
Art Gallery
Deli (loved it, more fun than you may think)
Tech support

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over Again:
Pride and Prejudice
84 Charring Cross Road
Casablanca (I watch a lot of movies repeatedly, this is a teeeny list of them!)

4 Places I've Been:
Birkenhead, England (okay yes I've been to London too, but I bet less people will say this!)
Paris, France (in case you thought of the one in Texas first ;^) )
Stuttgart, Germany
Portland, Oregon

4 Places I've Lived:
San Antonio, Texas (this was brief but I wanted to have something not in Colorado)
Fort Collins, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mountain View, California

Part A: 4 TV Shows I Watch:
Netflix has ruined me, I pretty much just watch TV from there
Battlestar Galatica
Any PBS mini series.
The Wire
The X Files

Part B: 4 Radio Shows I Listen To:
NPR mostly, but not a lot of specific shows.

4 Things I Look Forward To:
Saturday morning
sitting on my couch

4 Favorite Foods:

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
Rocky Mountain National Park
hiking a mountain
hanging with friends

4 People I email regularly:
my sister
knitters. ,mostly of the Boba persuasion.

P.S- My knitting and I have come to an agreement, we have not made up exactly, but we have an understanding. Yay!

Monday, February 04, 2008


I am currently wrestling with the Cedar Creek sock pattern from Blue Moon. Pattern is pretty easy, only 4 rows in the pattern repeat, but hooooo boy me and the yarn are not getting on well. I pondered some time out today on the train, someone is not behaving and its not me.

I'm a tight knitter, I know that. I don't know how I do it because I barely hold the yarn, I don't even wrap it around any fingers, but there you are. I always go up a needle size from what's recommended automatically, that's usually enough. Imagine my surprise when I had to pull out size ZERO needles for this.

Cedar Creek socks2
ZERO!!! Not even in my vocabulary! I think 2 is the smallest I've used, well I think I used 1's for the ribbing on some mitts. Its the yarn, its medium weight Socks that Rock and the pattern calls for lightweight. I have gone down a size from what the pattern calls for and I'm still not sure.

The real problem here? I LOVE this colorway! I don't want to find something else for it, I want to knit it now. Its Nodding Violets, and its just gorgeous, my lovely photo doesn't come close to showing all subtle colors. And I really like the pattern too, pretty easy and I like how it pretty it is. Sigh. Juls just finished the same socks and I so admired them that I decided to make them as well.

I do have backup yarn for this pattern if I want, it is even the lightweight thats called for. Its also very pretty, but grrrr, I want to use the other one.

Blue Bricks BMFA yarn

youmakemydayaward_2 P.S. Thank you Cindy! I will try to take more boba pics for you so you can stay in the loop!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mitts are done!

Yay! Finished the Endpaper Mitts on the train this morning, they are beautiful! I wore them at work today and they did keep my hands warm. here are two pics with Lisa, hers are nearly done too!


We didn't plan this but they look nice together!

Lisa and my mitts! We were told to pose like this to show off the colors better.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Endpaper mitts!!

Holy Cow! I was just on the train frantically knitting the ribbing on my last mitt (yes nearly done!) when a woman walked up to me and said "Are those the Endpaper mitts?" ! Wow! I don't think I've ever had someone say that before! I am excited! We chatted about the yarn I used and the pattern in general and then she left. Yay! That was fun. AND I am like minutes away from finishing them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I know, I haven't posted anything knitted FOR EVER! So here are two things I've been working on.

I did actually finish the last baby sweater and in my hurry to get it to the parents I DID NOT TAKE A PICTURE!! I could cry. yeeesh. So it was this sweater:

In this beautiful green and cream colorway. I like the green a lot more than the pink, its so soft and creamy.

Its a good thing the baby was a girl (no known gender when I purchased the yarn!) because what I thought was a very gender neutral color was super girly! But I loved loved loved the Sock Pixie yarn, nice to work with and pretty colors. I would totally use this yarn again, for socks even!

This is my Endpaper Mitt from Eunny Jang, posed in front of Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak. They are nearly done now, but I will have no way of taking a picture this pretty out here. So this the start of number one and probably later in the week a pic of them completed.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Yes, I have not blogged in FOREVER and no, there is no knitting content in this post either.

I was just reading Posie Gets Cozy (Linda keeps me updated on corgi sightings over there. They are about the cutest things EVER. And a gaggle of corgis, well there is nothing like that. Watch "The Queen", at the end you'll see what I mean.) Anyway, she had a post there about food from childhood that's comforting. I read that as something different than comfort food, I think that can change, or is about the same for everyone (mashed potatoes?) . But the food your Mom made that was special just for you or for when you were sick. I read a lot of the 220+ comments and saw a lot of similar things ( tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, who doesn't love that) and a lot of things just special to the posters family. It of course made me think of the things that I ate as a child and loved at the time. So here is my list, much like people posting on that blog some things everyone ate and some things I really don't think so.

Toasted Cheese- toast with cheese melted on it, for breakfast. My sister can remember coming downstairs on a school day and smelling that and being happy. I still eat that for breakfast probably once every couple of weeks.

Fried Egg sandwich - NOT a healthy breakfast really, but sooo good. It is what it sounds like, a fried egg, toasted bread and mayo. I can taste it now, it was so good. Also a school day breakfast. Usually we had cereal so these were special and memorable days. (All I can say is that she came from a family who ate fried toast. Toast fried in bacon drippings, really good but damn that could really kill you. Fried eggs have at least some nutrition!)

On the weekends my Dad (while he was alive anyway) would make breakfast and my Mom would get to stay in bed and read the newspaper drinking coffee. I learned to cook (at least breakfast) from Dad on these days and he made all kinds of things. One of his favorites was fried spam and eggs, I know, I know, Spam, gross, but I really loved it when I was kid.

One of my Dad's favorite lunches/snacks that he would share with me was peanut butter and bologna sandwiches. Again, I know, how could I eat that, but it was good! The peanut butter brought out the sweetness of the bologna. deeelish! Try it, seriously, you'll be hooked.

I also remember my Mom would make a dinner on cold snowy nights that wasn't really dinner but so good. She would make a big bowl of popcorn (real popcorn, not microwave crap) and then slices of apples and slices of cheese. We would sit in front of the fire and watch a movie and it would be all snowy and blowy outside and we would be cozy and eating popcorn!

There are other odd things that I liked, hot dog sandwiches for one, that would be cold hot dogs with mayo on bread. I LOVED hot dogs that way, in a bun, not so much. I know I was weird.

Creamed beef on toast, I think that was a military thing, and not chipped beef, it was hamburger. I tried to make it a few years ago (because I can still taste it and its comfort) but I can't make it as good as Mom.

Bread pudding as only my Auntie Glad could make. Hers was simple, quick and the best I've ever had, no fancy restaurant has ever gotten close to hers.

Those are my childhood foods that were special or comforting then. Probably my ultimate comfort food is tacos, loved them as long as I can remember eating food, and will until I can't remember what I am eating. But thats not the same.

What did you find a comfort?

Here is a pic of me drinking my favorite beer over Christmas, notice my joy!

90 Shilling happy