Monday, January 14, 2008


Yes, I have not blogged in FOREVER and no, there is no knitting content in this post either.

I was just reading Posie Gets Cozy (Linda keeps me updated on corgi sightings over there. They are about the cutest things EVER. And a gaggle of corgis, well there is nothing like that. Watch "The Queen", at the end you'll see what I mean.) Anyway, she had a post there about food from childhood that's comforting. I read that as something different than comfort food, I think that can change, or is about the same for everyone (mashed potatoes?) . But the food your Mom made that was special just for you or for when you were sick. I read a lot of the 220+ comments and saw a lot of similar things ( tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, who doesn't love that) and a lot of things just special to the posters family. It of course made me think of the things that I ate as a child and loved at the time. So here is my list, much like people posting on that blog some things everyone ate and some things I really don't think so.

Toasted Cheese- toast with cheese melted on it, for breakfast. My sister can remember coming downstairs on a school day and smelling that and being happy. I still eat that for breakfast probably once every couple of weeks.

Fried Egg sandwich - NOT a healthy breakfast really, but sooo good. It is what it sounds like, a fried egg, toasted bread and mayo. I can taste it now, it was so good. Also a school day breakfast. Usually we had cereal so these were special and memorable days. (All I can say is that she came from a family who ate fried toast. Toast fried in bacon drippings, really good but damn that could really kill you. Fried eggs have at least some nutrition!)

On the weekends my Dad (while he was alive anyway) would make breakfast and my Mom would get to stay in bed and read the newspaper drinking coffee. I learned to cook (at least breakfast) from Dad on these days and he made all kinds of things. One of his favorites was fried spam and eggs, I know, I know, Spam, gross, but I really loved it when I was kid.

One of my Dad's favorite lunches/snacks that he would share with me was peanut butter and bologna sandwiches. Again, I know, how could I eat that, but it was good! The peanut butter brought out the sweetness of the bologna. deeelish! Try it, seriously, you'll be hooked.

I also remember my Mom would make a dinner on cold snowy nights that wasn't really dinner but so good. She would make a big bowl of popcorn (real popcorn, not microwave crap) and then slices of apples and slices of cheese. We would sit in front of the fire and watch a movie and it would be all snowy and blowy outside and we would be cozy and eating popcorn!

There are other odd things that I liked, hot dog sandwiches for one, that would be cold hot dogs with mayo on bread. I LOVED hot dogs that way, in a bun, not so much. I know I was weird.

Creamed beef on toast, I think that was a military thing, and not chipped beef, it was hamburger. I tried to make it a few years ago (because I can still taste it and its comfort) but I can't make it as good as Mom.

Bread pudding as only my Auntie Glad could make. Hers was simple, quick and the best I've ever had, no fancy restaurant has ever gotten close to hers.

Those are my childhood foods that were special or comforting then. Probably my ultimate comfort food is tacos, loved them as long as I can remember eating food, and will until I can't remember what I am eating. But thats not the same.

What did you find a comfort?

Here is a pic of me drinking my favorite beer over Christmas, notice my joy!

90 Shilling happy


Cindy/Snid said...

I hear you on the fried egg sandwiches! Had one just the other day even- although sadly, w/o mayo :(

Fun post!

Twisted Stitches said...

Oh my god... creamed beef, you made it sound so much better than what we called it in our house, it was commonly called Shit On a Shingle (SOS) And we toasted the stale white bread to eat with it. Now, all grown up, we used canned biscuts! I still crave that!

Abigail said...

My mom's mac and cheese! Not mashed potatoes.

I'm sorry, but peanut butter and bologna sounds, um, like it's not to my taste. ;)