Sunday, February 17, 2008

Test socks

I've been test knitting a sock Pattern for the new Fiber Fiend sock, Shake your Fishtail. It was really fun to do, I liked knitting the first sock, although the guy who sits next to me at work did not understand. He said its a sock, how new can that be? Sigh, non-knitters, what do they know? The pattern was quite easy and its a really pretty sock! She will be selling it this weekend at Stitches West. Yay, can't wait! Her booth is 738, if anyone who is reading this doesn't know that yet.

Can't wait for Stitches, I have a list and everything!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I love pudding. Its always been one of my favorite desserts, creamy, cool, chocolaty, well if it is chocolate pudding anyway. I found a new blog, Brownie Points, it was something a co-worker had sent me for the bacon vodka recipe, but I found some inspiration for cooking. I've been slacking a bit lately, some times I need a bit of a push to get back to cooking things I like. She has a post for chocolate pudding that is amazing! I don't think I've ever made pudding from scratch but its really easy! I make a lot of things from scratch, but never pudding. I added 70% Lindt Chocolate for the double chocolate part, mmmmmmmmmm!

I also made a cauliflower salad from Everyday food for dinner,
there were lovely ones in my veggie box this week. Just as tasty as they look, even in my blurry pic.

There is also a recipe for a no knead bread that I am in the process of making, I haven't made bread in years! It looks easy (well duh, you mix it and leave it for 12 hours, its not much work) and the posts on the blog say its really tasty. I can't wait! Jenny and I were talking about baking bread at Boba knit on Thursday, I thought I would probably make some this weekend after our conversation, and then I found this recipe.

I'll have some knitting tomorrow, I've finished my test sock!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tagged twice!

Both Lisa AND Margit tagged me with this meme! I am not sure who to tag next though since I've seen it on a lot of other blogs, or the people I would tag are already tagged!

4 Jobs I've Held:
Concessions in an Ice skating rink (best high school job ever, I met all the hot high school hockey players in town!)
Art Gallery
Deli (loved it, more fun than you may think)
Tech support

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over Again:
Pride and Prejudice
84 Charring Cross Road
Casablanca (I watch a lot of movies repeatedly, this is a teeeny list of them!)

4 Places I've Been:
Birkenhead, England (okay yes I've been to London too, but I bet less people will say this!)
Paris, France (in case you thought of the one in Texas first ;^) )
Stuttgart, Germany
Portland, Oregon

4 Places I've Lived:
San Antonio, Texas (this was brief but I wanted to have something not in Colorado)
Fort Collins, Colorado
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mountain View, California

Part A: 4 TV Shows I Watch:
Netflix has ruined me, I pretty much just watch TV from there
Battlestar Galatica
Any PBS mini series.
The Wire
The X Files

Part B: 4 Radio Shows I Listen To:
NPR mostly, but not a lot of specific shows.

4 Things I Look Forward To:
Saturday morning
sitting on my couch

4 Favorite Foods:

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
Rocky Mountain National Park
hiking a mountain
hanging with friends

4 People I email regularly:
my sister
knitters. ,mostly of the Boba persuasion.

P.S- My knitting and I have come to an agreement, we have not made up exactly, but we have an understanding. Yay!

Monday, February 04, 2008


I am currently wrestling with the Cedar Creek sock pattern from Blue Moon. Pattern is pretty easy, only 4 rows in the pattern repeat, but hooooo boy me and the yarn are not getting on well. I pondered some time out today on the train, someone is not behaving and its not me.

I'm a tight knitter, I know that. I don't know how I do it because I barely hold the yarn, I don't even wrap it around any fingers, but there you are. I always go up a needle size from what's recommended automatically, that's usually enough. Imagine my surprise when I had to pull out size ZERO needles for this.

Cedar Creek socks2
ZERO!!! Not even in my vocabulary! I think 2 is the smallest I've used, well I think I used 1's for the ribbing on some mitts. Its the yarn, its medium weight Socks that Rock and the pattern calls for lightweight. I have gone down a size from what the pattern calls for and I'm still not sure.

The real problem here? I LOVE this colorway! I don't want to find something else for it, I want to knit it now. Its Nodding Violets, and its just gorgeous, my lovely photo doesn't come close to showing all subtle colors. And I really like the pattern too, pretty easy and I like how it pretty it is. Sigh. Juls just finished the same socks and I so admired them that I decided to make them as well.

I do have backup yarn for this pattern if I want, it is even the lightweight thats called for. Its also very pretty, but grrrr, I want to use the other one.

Blue Bricks BMFA yarn

youmakemydayaward_2 P.S. Thank you Cindy! I will try to take more boba pics for you so you can stay in the loop!