Sunday, February 17, 2008

Test socks

I've been test knitting a sock Pattern for the new Fiber Fiend sock, Shake your Fishtail. It was really fun to do, I liked knitting the first sock, although the guy who sits next to me at work did not understand. He said its a sock, how new can that be? Sigh, non-knitters, what do they know? The pattern was quite easy and its a really pretty sock! She will be selling it this weekend at Stitches West. Yay, can't wait! Her booth is 738, if anyone who is reading this doesn't know that yet.

Can't wait for Stitches, I have a list and everything!


no-blog-rachel said...

Purty! Love the yarn too.

Juls said...

hey, I think I bought that yarn at the Fiberfiend booth. It's a nice merino tencel :)

margit said...

Nice socks! ;)

By the way, I've awarded you the "You Make My Day Award." You can check out the details on my blog, and thanks for making my day! =)