Monday, February 04, 2008


I am currently wrestling with the Cedar Creek sock pattern from Blue Moon. Pattern is pretty easy, only 4 rows in the pattern repeat, but hooooo boy me and the yarn are not getting on well. I pondered some time out today on the train, someone is not behaving and its not me.

I'm a tight knitter, I know that. I don't know how I do it because I barely hold the yarn, I don't even wrap it around any fingers, but there you are. I always go up a needle size from what's recommended automatically, that's usually enough. Imagine my surprise when I had to pull out size ZERO needles for this.

Cedar Creek socks2
ZERO!!! Not even in my vocabulary! I think 2 is the smallest I've used, well I think I used 1's for the ribbing on some mitts. Its the yarn, its medium weight Socks that Rock and the pattern calls for lightweight. I have gone down a size from what the pattern calls for and I'm still not sure.

The real problem here? I LOVE this colorway! I don't want to find something else for it, I want to knit it now. Its Nodding Violets, and its just gorgeous, my lovely photo doesn't come close to showing all subtle colors. And I really like the pattern too, pretty easy and I like how it pretty it is. Sigh. Juls just finished the same socks and I so admired them that I decided to make them as well.

I do have backup yarn for this pattern if I want, it is even the lightweight thats called for. Its also very pretty, but grrrr, I want to use the other one.

Blue Bricks BMFA yarn

youmakemydayaward_2 P.S. Thank you Cindy! I will try to take more boba pics for you so you can stay in the loop!


Cindy/Snid said...

You are welcome! And yessss- lots of photos. I am missing you guys.

I also like that Nodding Violet colorway. Gorgeous!

Juls said...

The colorway is gorgeous!!! I used size 1s and STR lightweight to get it. It fits really well, snug but not too snug. I didn't worry too much about gauge because I think the pattern has a lot of negative ease!