Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I went hiking

I went hiking on Saturday, did I have fun? Or maybe I should say, I went hiking Saturday and all I got was this lousy scrape (not a Rockband injury Jeni!). I fell, probably you can see that. Its really not the first time I've done this, I had all the first aid items I needed to clean up and finish the hike, but it is annoying. I've spent the week wincing when I walk because my jeans touch it, people in the city probably don't even notice!

After I fell Linda and I went and had linner ( it was later in the afternoon, not lunch, not dinner) at a Mexican restaurant in Los Altos (Fiesta Vallarta, yum!) and I did some self medicating with margaritas. Nice! After the first one I didn't care that had dirt and blood and some odd mud made of those two things all over my leg.

For all this, the hike actually was good, we saw a couple of grass snakes , a zillion lizards and even some wild turkeys!

I also thought I should maybe have some knitting content, yeesh.

So I finished (in the last month and half or so) yet another Lace Leaf Baby sweater. My co-workers are reproducing like bunnies! I really do need to find a new baby sweater pattern, but this one is cute and at this point well memorized.

Another of my cowekers had asked me to make a sweater for her cat. Yes her CAT! He is a hairless one and she thought he would like it. Cats and sweaters are a bit like cats and water, not good friends. I did not see the event but apparently he walked backward for at least an hour trying to get out of it! She found it really amusing, she took a video with her cell phone but she was laughing so hard it didn't turn out well. If I can get a hold of it I will post it. I made it from some random acrylic I had and used the dog sweater pattern from Knitty. I ended up ribbing the whole thing, the pattern called for just the top. It was really fast, I think I spent two days on the train with it, but its kind of cute.

I am still working on the BBF scarf of Cindy's, nearly done! And I started the Knitwhits hat but that needs some tweaking.